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A.J.C Spring Carnival


Artonomy designed and built this set for a print campaign for AJC Spring Racing Carnival. 

The set was big, contoured heavily and had a river running through it. It also needed to be stable enough for our (real human) model to be able to leap from one side to the other over a crocodile, so safety was a big consideration.

The set was assembled in studio in a day, with the basic topography built using timber and plywood which was then covered in plastic.

A rubber membrane was then laid into the riverbed and a further layer of substrate was laid on top.

The entire set was then dressed in sand, earth, rocks and foliage.

The background sky was spray-painted on the back wall of the studio. The effect was great and the total look meant that everything was achieved ‘in-camera’ on the day of the stills shoot with very little compositing or re-touching required.

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