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Bespoke Art and Furniture

Bespoke used to be a word used to describe custom-made gentlemen’s clothing. Bespoke basically means something that has been spoken – to “bespeak”.

For example, a man would walk into a tailor’s shop and speak to the tailor about the type of clothing item he wanted made, thus the term “bespoke jacket”.

In these modern times the word is applied to a more diverse range of subjects, such as “bespoke art” and “bespoke furniture”, with the same principle of speaking to the supplier (artist) about the desired piece.

Below is an example of a piece of bespoke furniture.

mirror table

This piece was for a high-profile celebrity who wanted something particular for their home.

I was given the specifications by the client and after attaining certain particulars, such as the type of wood and so on, I proceeded with designing and constructing the item.

It is now a part of the client’s personal belongings and stands proud in their bedroom, a piece of furniture that can’t be found in any shop.

The table itself is quite elegant, yet with the large mirror-space it provides a good level of functionality as well.

raw table

There was a time when it was raw timber and here we have a picture of it in that stage.

Yes, we really did build this piece of bespoke furniture :).

You can click on any of the pictures here to see a much larger version.

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