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“Contender” TV Series – Prize Belt

contender belt

Artonomy was asked to produce the Prize Belt for ‘The Contender’ TV series.

The Belt was going to be featured a lot, from the opening titles, promos and links to the final presentation of the winner, it had to be a standout piece of ‘Bling’ but also be durable and real, not just a prop.


The metal pieces were sculpted as patterns for molding and given several coats of gloss paint for the high finish required. The silicone molds for the three pieces were created flat, the curve was achieved by bending the rubber mold on a support at the next stage.

The pieces were created in Brass using the ‘Cold Cast’ technique – real metal bonded in resin, which can be polished to a very high lustre, at this stage mounting hardware was included for fixing the panels to the leather belt.

The polished pieces were them inlaid with rhinestones and Paua shell which has the visual qualities of Opal (and is much less expensive).

The leather took some time to source.

The belt required the highest quality, flawless grain in a specific colour (Oxblood) and to be particularly thick. It was acquired from a saddle maker who also provided the buckle. The leather was handcut, its edges were burnished, the piece was buffed and the panels affixed.

The completed Belt was a huge hit and the client was delighted.

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