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This job was one of our favorites, a case of model-making in its purest form.

The client asked Artonomy to make them a commemorative piece for presentation to one of the contractors on ‘Mission Impossible 2’.

The requirement was to build a 1:20 scale model of the Kawasaki BK117 Helicopter. No plans were available so it had to be created by referencing the real helicopter.

Several days were spent measuring and photographing it at Mascot airport. This information was then used to make scale plans of the entire helicopter. These plans were in turn used to sculpt up 3-dimensional patterns which were then used to make molds.

The molds were laminated with fiberglass to create the pieces for the fuselage, tail and main rotor blades.

The other components were cast in solid Polyurethane or fabricated from steel and brass.

The pieces were then painted and assembled and clear vacuum formed acrylic windows were fitted.

The finished model was stunning and a fitting tribute to the hard work of those involved in making the film.

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